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First Meeting Questionnaire

Thank you in advance for completing this brief work sheet. The information you provide will help us expedite the architectural planning phase of your project.

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Do you have a survey of your property?

Do you have existing house plans
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Do you have a septic layout plan for your property? (For homes with septic systems)

Number of legal bedrooms?
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Do you have a timetable or deadline date for this project?
Are you working toward a specific budget?
Do you plan on living in the house during the construction project?

Have you done any additions and or alterations to your house before?
Are there items (furniture, rugs, etc.) that must be worked into the new designs?
How did you hear about our office?
Best times / days for meetings during the work week
How long have you lived at your present residence?
Number of family members residing in your residence?
Is your water service from well or municipal supply?
Type and fuel source of existing heating and cooling system?